My Teaching Philosophy

In thinking about my emerging philosophy, the first question that I asked myself was, ‘What type of teacher do I want to be? A report from the Guardian Teacher Network (2015) suggests that there are four different types of teachers: the Idealist who wants to make a difference to student and society and sees social justice as a critical part of their role.  The Rationalist, who joins the profession to make a difference but also for practical reasons such as holidays and pay, the Moderate who is very ‘middle of the road’ teacher isn’t likely to raise strong opinions in the staff-room about anything and tends to go with the (1)

Lastly, there is the Practitioner who is mainly interested in contributing to the development of their own students. They are in the profession because they want to be teachers, they enjoy their craft and they are committed to the job. Practitioners are also strong believers in the importance of continued professional development.  Although I am mostly a Practitioner in terms of who I want to be as a teacher, there are some aspects of the Rationalist and the Idealist. Therefore, this is my statement of who I want to be as a teacher which will give shape to my emerging teaching philosophy.

“I am a teacher who is interested in the holistic development of my students in the classroom.  My professional development is important so that I can be relevant and  current with the best practices in teaching and learning. I believe that I have a responsibility to ensure that all my students are treated equitably and respectfully despite race or socio-economic status”

I should also add that my teaching philosophy will never be static but will be shaped and honed as new paradigms in teaching/learning /technology and social consciousness emerges.


Julie N.