The Adjustment Bureau

Learning Project #7

So its all about practice, practice and more practice and learning to adjust my ‘curriculum’ to meet my learning objective! Today I paid attention to some small but important details that can prove hazardous on the ice and make it harder to reach my learning goal.

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Getting those laces tight and secured!

The first is making sure that my laces are properly laced and tied.  This video proved very helpful as it showed how to lace, tighten and secure laces for a comfortable fit and support. It also showed an awesome trick of looping the laces for added security.  I learnt the hard way by tripping over an untied lace  and falling on ice – hard. Additionally, my ankles kept rocking in the skates and this was as a result of laces being too loose.

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My battle scar!

The second was to make sure that my hands were adequately protected not only from the cold but from falling on the ice.  I learnt that I should  put my gloves on the minute I get on the ice and not forget. I forgot, ended up slipping on the ice,  landed on my hand and got a real nasty bruise on my palm.

thumbnail (8)

Check out my helmet!

I also decided to wear a helmet seeing that I was prone to falling and wanted to feel safer on the ice. Felling unsafe made me hesitant and tentative.  Having suffered a concussion before, I did not want to  experience another.

For ice skating newbies like me here are a few tips on ice skating essentials that will help to avoid spills and discomfort on the ice.

Having covered these bases, I was  in a much  more comfortable place to keep going with my learning project. Yaay!


Julie N.

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