Incidentals of Learning.

Learning project #8

This is my last learning project post and it would have been great to tell you that I can whirl about on the ice . download (4) I am not fully proficient yet but I continue to practice and practice and practice!

Other great things have  happened though as a result of undertaking this project. My first few times skating, I ended up with pains in my legs because I was unfit.spinning In order to strengthen my legs  I decided to take up Spinning at the gym. This not only helped to strengthen my legs and core but I lost 10 pounds in the last two  months. I enjoy these Spinning classes and have also met new friends just like I do when I go skating.

Below is the last video I made of me skating. The improvements  are that I have better balance, did not fall and  could ‘push and glide’ a bit! This is by no means the end of my learning to skate . This project is something that I have become invested in and will continue until I am really good at it. Its been really great!


Julie N.

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